Monday, December 9, 2013

Runes 403 - Rune Interpretations - Unfinished Projects

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As 2013 draws to a close, we all have unfinished projects we need to attend to. Why aren't they done yet?  Sometimes we haven't had the time; other times we're waiting on other people or for a part to arrive.  But, speaking from experience, in general, procrastination is a primary culprit.

However, we need to look at what causes procrastination in the first place, then look at the deeper questions - why do we procrastinate and how can we get past it?

These are the questions the Runes and I discussed to help us finish off 2013 on a positive note and energize us as we enter the new year.

The first Rune I drew was Jera and I drew it in response to the question, "What can you tell us about unfinished projects?"  This Rune represents the year or, perhaps, in this case time - time for a process to be completed or finding time.  So, of course, we received Jera, to remind us that unfinished projects have their own process, but they are also part of a larger process - our general forward progression through time.  This Rune sets the stage for addressing our other questions and serves as our guide for finding ways to finish  projects.

We must look at those questions from multiple perspectives, because we procrastinate for many reasons.  Therefore, my next question isn't simply why do we procrastinate, rather what does our procrastination tell us about why we do it?

Runes:  You must use Isa here.  You must pause and think about the truth.  You know why you procrastinate; now you must recognize it,  admit and accept it.  Only that will help you move forward, whether it is toward completing the project or understanding why you won't.  Although Isa is about caution, when you stop and consider your next step, the point of this contemplation is taking that step.

Me:  Thank you.  I agree; reflection, acknowledgement,and acceptance are key components to many processes.  We should take the next step, but we must step with an understanding of where we are placing our foot.  What if we look at procrastinating around the issue of time?  What if we feel we simply can't find the time we need to complete a project?

Runes:  Ingwaz is the Rune you need for this question.  For, when the time is right, when everything is in its place, the situation will be ready for the next step, for completion, whether that means completing the task or letting go if it and moving on.  You may also want to consider this.  Fear may be keeping you from completing a project.  Fear of not knowing what will happen after it's done, fear of succeeding; fear of failing.  What Ingwaz says in this case is that the time has come.  You may fail, you may succeed, you may not know what is coming next, but the time is ripe for taking the next step towards completing that project.  You cannot live in fear, especially when that fear is nothing more than speculation.

Me:  Thank you.  I had not thought of fear, but I can see how that could be an important aspect to consider.  What about external factors?  What if there are things external to us that influence whether or why we finish a projects?

Runes:  Your conflict does not come from outside.  It is internal.  You are doing something that conflicts with who you are and the desires you have.  That is why you cannot complete it.  Nauthiz represents the need to act with discipline and, in so doing, you will acquire what you need.  Sometimes things that seem unrelated are quite close knit in the end.

Me:  Of course, internal issues are part of any challenge or conflict.  That is good advice; thank you.  However,  what if what we need is for the external factor to act?  Let me rephrase a bit. What if we are waiting for someone else?  What if they have to make the next move?  Take the next step?

Runes:  You must move on where you can in a way that you can until that external force, that person you're waiting on, acts.  Tiwaz reminds us that true warriors make sacrifices to get things done.  One sacrifice is time - waiting - or doing what you can until that force acts.

Me:  Yes, thank you, but how can we move forward on other fronts and finish off other projects when one is distracting us from the the others?  Being distracted can cause procrastination, right?

Runes:  Do not look too far ahead.  Dagaz is the day Rune.  Although things tend to be clearer in the light of day, Dagaz, like Jera, represents a time frame.  While Jera covers a year, Dagaz says focus on the next twenty-four hours.  Accomplish what you can in that time.  Choose the path that allows you to move forward and accomplish things.  A sense of accomplishment on some front is important.

Me:  I am grateful for your guidance and insight today.  Thank you.

Finishing up projects is not always just a matter of sucking it up and doing it or forcing our will on others to get things done.  Sometimes we have no choice but to wait;  other times, we procrastinate.  The way we get past that procrastination is by examining why it exists for a particular project or task.  Only then can we know if completing it is the right thing to do and, if so, realize and take the next required step.  When we're feeling overwhelmed with all the unfinished projects that are staring at us, maybe the best thing we can do is not to look too far ahead.  Focus on what needs to be done today and go from there.  After all, isn't that how we create momentum?


  1. Very interesting and I love the philosophical comments - these comments force you to think, to question and ask why. Something we forget to do in our busy world, where we often do things in a trance.

    1. One of the most satisfying things I do with the Runes are these exchanges. I hope that some of what I write helps people to break that trance. Thank you for your insight.