Monday, July 8, 2013

Runes 403 - Rune Interpretations - Taking a Break

I have been on "vacation" the last two weeks and am heading home today.  The reason put vacation in quotes is because I spent much of my vacation working.  I had editing project after editing project to complete, a couple even came with rush requests; plus, my family and I were caring for a sick relative (who is recovering nicely).  Of course, many of us make remarks about needing a vacation after we return from a vacation, so I got to thinking about what we can do to allow ourselves to take a legitimate, guilt-free break, even if it's just for a day.

Interestingly enough, the first Rune I drew was Dagaz, the Rune of the day.  I accepted this as a symbol of my goal - to take a single day and make it whatever I deemed to constitute a vacation.  For one thing, Dadgaz acknowledges that it is important to take this time and, in a way, commends us for acknowledging that we need a break and that it is okay to take one.  Moreover, day brings us light and, with it, we awake, so we could look at taking a break for a day as our awakening or, at least, our chance to have one.  Without focusing on it, but merely by our actions, we may reevaluate something of consequence in our life and come to a new conclusion about it.

Since the Runes agreed with the idea of a single day, I wanted to know what we are supposed to do with our break.  Perthro was an interesting response, because I had been thinking about a day of quiet relaxation, maybe reading a book or watching a movie.  However, Perthro countered that notion with the idea of social gatherings, games, and friendship.  In essence, a day engaging with our friends in lighthearted entertainment may be just the ticket.  I can appreciate the idea of returning home and catching up with friends; it is a good way to unwind and have a bit of enjoyment.

Still, I expressed my desire to the Runes to have a quiet day to myself, that kind of break, and was caught off guard by Eihwaz.  At the end of May, I looked at Eihwaz in detail and the message I received was that I have an opportunity to do something good for myself and that would also go beyond just me.  Although I had in mind to take a day for myself this week and have a break from everything, the Runes consistently ensure me that now is not the time.  Instead, my break is a break from working for others and taking care of others and, instead, having a good time with others.  In the long run, this will likely prove more beneficial.  I think this represents the idea of recognizing and appreciating the support of friends and the strength that has in our lives.

While I can certainly enjoy a break with friends, the Runes final message to me was Laguz, the water Rune, and another Rune I looked at in detail earlier this year.  I know it's cliche, but Laguz tends to make me think of the saying "go with the flow" and I am certain that that is one of the underlying messages here.  I asked the Runes about taking a break and having time for myself and they said, "Not right now.  Right now, you need to spend time with friends."  That was their 'relax and go with the flow' directive.  However, by slipping Laguz into the mix, not only are they telling me to relax and enjoy this time, but that there is a flow and that flow will lead, at some point, to the break I want.

Of course, Laguz is more than flow.  It also represents mystery, the natural power of the sea, and an intuitive flow.  It's dark and, for me, there is an odd sense of an impending creative explosion.  If I am correct, that will be my break, because that will be when I write for myself.  This is what Eihwaz was telling me about working for me instead of others and it reinforces another plan I made for myself.  You see, I'm taking a solstice to equinox passion challenge for my writing.  Maybe that's the break I need, not a single day, but a couple of hours each day and that is what the Runes are telling me.

I can take a break, but the break is not about me, rather about strengthening friendship bonds and that, following Laguz will lead me to the break I really need, a break to refuel my passion.  Through these questions, the Runes have helped guide me not to a break from work, but to time with friends and a bigger and better break to focus on the work I enjoy.

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