Monday, December 10, 2012

Feeling Energized

Happy Monday!  Today, for no specific reason, I am feeling very energized and positive and wished to share that feeling with you.  I asked for a Rune to express that emotion, then for one to support it and finished with one to ensure it continues throughout the week.

The Rune to best express the feeling I have, the energetic optimism, is Dagaz, the Rune of day and clarity.  And, that is exactly how this sensation feels - like a clarity, but not an epiphany.  The difference between the two is subtle, yet key.  Clarity inspires without necessarily having a predetermined destination or goal.  I have been working hard lately to focus on the positive and, when negative things happen, to not let them take over.  Dagaz offers clarity to support to that idea.  In daylight, we see more clearly and feel safer than in darkness, when something unseen could be lurking in the shadows.  In many ways, we feel more empowered in daylight and, through empowerment, adopt a sense of feeling energized.  This Rune alone would be enough to represent today, but we want support this feeling.

Berkana is a wonderful Rune for support.  This Rune of birch suggests beginnings and creativity.  With our energized spirit leading the way, today, we can begin an endeavor; unleash our creativity; move forward in a positive way and share that energy with those around us.  Let the energy carry you on a positive path.

Ehwaz, the Rune of horse, loyalty, and a spiritual journey helps us keep this feeling going.  There is a special relationship between a horse and rider, one of cooperation and understanding.  I'm imagining myself climbing into the saddle of an Icelandic horse (in Iceland) and that invigorating, yet comfortable feeling of the adventure that is about to ensue flows right to my face and puts an unstoppable smile on my lips.  Of course, yours need not be an actual horse; what matters is the feeling, the sensation, the inspiration!

Think about what inspires you and consciously carry that hopefulness, that optimism with you this week.  Let me know how it goes.

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