Monday, November 5, 2012

Fair, Just, and Honest

This week, I wasn't sure what I would write about.  I know I need to finish making my own set of Runes, so the 301 series is nagging at me, but I haven't found the right moment to complete them.  I didn't want to do anything political, because that is not what this blog is for.  This morning, I got a clear signal about what today's subject needs to be and it deals with leadership.

Sadly, these days, true leaders are a declining breed.  To me, a true leader possesses characteristics of fairness and honesty and they should be just.  This is what the world needs today.  So, this week, I ask the Runes how can we all work to make this world a more accepting and peaceful place by working everyday to be fair, just, and honest.

The Runes ring true - Sowilo, Algiz, and Kenaz.

Sowilo is the Rune of the sun, of victory or good fortune.  This is a symbol to lift spirits, which can be seen in a couple of ways.  First, it can be sign of encouragement, something that makes us feel better.  Think about this.  After a day or two of rain and clouds, how do you feel when the sun rises on the third morning and the sky is clear?  It's that feeling, that sense of hopefulness, that we stand to gain by working to be as fair and honest as we can be.  Second, once we begin to feel that way, we empower ourselves to experience it more often.  Imagine what could happen if we share that feeling with others.  It feels good to do something for someone else, no matter how small.  It feels even better to do it just to do it, without expectation of reward.  In fact, I challenge you to do one nice thing for someone, someone you don't know, every day this week.  Open a door, let a car merge in front of you, buy food for the local food bank... just do something.  It doesn't even have to be directly for another person.  Do something for an animal or for the planet.  Doing things that are good for the planet is good for everyone.  It doesn't have to be altruistic; it's okay if it makes you feel good.  That's kind of the point.

How does this play into being fair, just or honest?  In at least one very important way.  If you begin doing nice things for people or the planet, you will feel better.  When others reciprocate, the positive feedback loop will be in place.  That is also why Algiz, the Rune of self-defense and protection challenges us this week.  When we feel threatened, it is our natural instinct to protect ourselves and become defensive.  What if we never find ourselves in a position where we have to defend what we believe, who we love, how we dress... in essence, who we are?  That is our greatest challenge; we have been led to believe that one way of thinking or doing is better than another, simply because it's our belief.  What if we challenge each other to change that perspective of better and worse or right and wrong (in the sense of incorrect) and just acknowledge the differences.  What if we stand up for other people's right to believe what they choose to believe instead of trying to force our beliefs or way of doing things onto others?  By beliefs, I mean all beliefs, not just those related to religion.  What if we respect the differences and work together on the similarities?

At last, we reach Kenaz, the Rune of the torch.  This Rune has been likened to enlightenment and creativity.  This is our call to action, to build an enlightened world, to realize our positive creative potential.  This is the light at the end of our collective tunnel.  We can do it.  Once we begin to be kinder to others and reciprocate when others are kind to us, we create a more fair and just world.  If we are honest with ourselves, isn't that the place we all want to be?

Some may think my comments around today's reading are naive or too simplistic.  We've been trying this for millennia, right?  My response to you nay-sayers is that you are part of the problem perpetuating negative views.  Look, simply by virtue of our numbers, we have made the world a smaller place.  Because of this, we cannot help but come into contact with people who disagree with our perspectives on life.  It is at this level where we must begin to seek change, where we can actually affect change.  If we want to live in a fair, just, and honest world, the solution starts with us.  This is how we serve the public, how we lead; by being kind and fair; by example.


  1. Hello Karen,

    I loved your piece on being just, fair, and honest. These are traits that I admire in people, and abhor in people who negate them. Unfortunately, for me, I tend to be a bit of a "pit bull" when wanting to bring these traits to the forefront (sometimes politically, sometimes just in life circumstances). A number of my friends and family hate the fact that I won't "let go" of an issue that does not seem fair, honest, or just. Most people just like to turn a blind eye and be non-confrontational. I do not consider myself a bad person for wanting things to be fair, but I am constantly put down for voicing my opinion TOO strongly. Thank you for your insights.

    1. Hi,
      My apologies for not responding to your comment sooner and thank you for taking the time to write one. I totally understand where you are coming from. Like you, I cannot help but stand up and cry foul when I see an injustice occurring. This is a very personal issue for me too, so know that you are not alone.