Monday, March 26, 2012

A Window Opened

Two weeks ago, I felt frustrated, because a number of opportunities that I hoped would grow into bigger things were doing the opposite.  In fact, a lot of doors were closing.  I found myself rethinking almost everything I've done over the past year; then, a window opened.  The saying may be cliche, but it's true.  When a door closes, a window opens.  When I made the relieved comment that "a window has opened", one of my nephews said that he needs that to happen for him.  So, this draw is thanks to him and asks the question - how can I get a window to open?

The draw?  Algiz, Laguz, Mannaz  Here's what they mean.

 Algiz is the Rune of self-defense and protection and serves as the overview for this situation.  This makes perfect sense, because the reason we want the window open is to provide opportunity for ourselves, whether it be for happiness, relationships, or financial security.  It's self-defense and protection at its core.  Traditionally, part of the meaning of this Rune relates to the idea of letting an opponent create his/her own downfall.  In this sense, I think it is similar.  The message is do not compete with others or try to do things the way that they do them.  You are an individual and you must do things in your own way, without worrying about others.  Your time will come.  To complement this, contemporary interpretations note the importance of emotional control.  That is part of protecting or defending yourself - to maintain your cool.  It also allows for consistency in message and action, which is the best way to lay the ground work; for you see, you have to build your own window and it will open when you have completed it.

Our challenge here is represented by Laguz, the Rune of water, the sea, the intuitive side of you.  I could not survive without my intuition; I rely heavily on it.  However, I know that is not the case for everyone.  Why is intuition the challenge?  Because it is hard, sometimes, to trust that what we are doing is the right thing to do, especially if it is non-traditional or if we have a large contingency of family and friends questioning or criticizing what we are attempting to do.  The deep sea is a mystery and, for some this creates fear, while for others it creates a chance for discovery.  Perhaps that is what your sea does to others; where you see opportunity, they see unsafe risk.  Therefore, the challenge is to maintain your flow in the direction you see, in spite of the questions from others.

What action does this circumstance require?  It requires a quest to know and be true to yourself.  We are human; we are not perfect.  We all possess different strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledging what ours are is a huge step toward accomplishing our goals.  This is why Mannaz, the Rune of humanity and the higher self or true self is the Rune for this action.  There is a great line in the fourth Harry Potter movie, when Mad-Eye Moody is helping Harry to decide what he's going to do when he faces his dragon.  Moody says, "You have to play to your strengths."  If you want to open a window, you have to know your strengths and play to them.

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  1. Isn't mercury in retrograde? Apparently that's associated with tempestuous times too.