Monday, February 20, 2012

Making Alterations

I have started the search for a literary agent for my first novel.  I got some good advice from one of the agents who read the first fifty pages.  Yesterday, I initiated my plans to address her suggestions.  While the changes are not major, they do require some reworking throughout the book.  So, I asked the Runes what they thought of the idea of making these changes to it.  The response I got had less to do with the interpretation than it did to do with the images of the Runes themselves.  I drew Mannaz for the overview, Dagaz for the challenge and Isa for the action.

I like that the overview was Mannaz, the Rune of the Self, humanity, even culture.  This describes the situation perfectly; after all, I am talking about my own book and my own considerations of altering the work I've spent the last two years doing.  In many ways, this Rune is simply telling me that I already know the answer to the question I asked - it resides within me, within my mind, within my heart.  I can make these changes and it will improve the quality of the story if I make them correctly and wisely.  The requirement here is that I know myself.

As I mentioned, it is the images of the Runes that struck me before the meanings.  However, before I get to the images, let me explain the meaning of the other two Runes.  Dagaz is the Rune of Day, clarity.  This Rune allows for breakthroughs to occur, because everything becomes clearer in the light of day.  This is my challenge, to find the clarity as I pursue the alterations.

Countering Dagaz is Isa, the Rune of Ice and caution, even standstill.  While my challenge is to see things clearly and move forward, my action says that maybe I should sit and not do anything for a while.  How does that help me to have the breakthrough I need?  In two ways.  First, it tells me that sometimes the best action is to consider action.  What is the best way to move forward?  Weigh options, be content with slow or small advances.  Through this explanation, it reminds me of Jera, the Rune of the Harvest, which tells us that everything has a process through which it must travel.  As many of you know, Jera is my Rune; I draw it more than any other and even named my company after it, because I think process is so vital to success.  The second thing Isa tells me relates to its image and that of Dagaz, for while they seem to stand in contrast to each other, one claiming clarity and breakthroughs are required and the other saying be still, together, perhaps they balance out each other.  Why do I think that?  Because during the three years I spent in high school, this image covered my pee-chees (folders for those of you to young to remember a pee-chee) and notebooks.  I doodled it everywhere.  Isa on Dagaz.
It was my image; the image of my Self.  It was me - balanced, my symbol.  So, the overview of this draw suggests that I must know myself and the challenge and action Runes partner to give me the sense of myself that I had back in high school, when I became committed fully to being writer.  In this image, I found balance and focus.  This is why I started the alterations on my novel.

Two weeks ago, I presented all the Runes (Runes 101 - Runes in History 5) and asked what your Rune was.  Today, I wonder what Runes show up in your doodles.  Have a look at the Runes again and let me know if you can identify Runes that balance you.

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