Monday, October 10, 2011

Wonderful Surprises

This post diverts from the Runes this week, but sticks with one of the origins of the Runes magic - Norse Mythology.  You see, earlier this year, I entered a poem in the poetry contest of the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba (Islendingadagurinn).   On Friday, I received a letter (and prize) from the contest coordinator telling me that my poem took first place in the contest.

It may not seem like a very big contest to win, but for me it is huge.  More than fifteen years ago, I fell in love with Iceland and have spent much of my time since learning about every aspect of it that I can absorb (and I have only scratched the surface so far).  So, to have my poem, a poem that combines the country's physical history with its mythological one, recognized by that community is a great honor for me and I am very appreciative of this recognition.

This week, rather than share the Runes with you, I would like to share the poem.

Surtsey and the Battle Against the Fertility God

Born of explosions
Quaking ground
Njord floats all-around
His seas swelling
Rushing to a non-existent shore

The water boils
Heated by rage and fury
Fire, ash, lava
Shooting through the watery gate

Arise Surtr from the depths
Giant fire
You destroy fertility
In your wake

Nature, not violence

And, in time,
You fire dies
And you lie there
Frigid seas rolling
Around your waste

No life
Only rocks and ash

Life delivered by life
Seeds sprouting
Growing small, but green
And purple petals too

Surtr, you killed Freyr
But now, he is reborn
And grows
On your corpse
– Karen Paquin

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