Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's do Launch

Welcome to my blog!  I am so happy to be launching it today and to share the Runes with you.  By undertaking this blog, I have two main goals.  First, I want to improve and increase the understanding of what the Runes are, how they work and the ways they can offer us guidance through challenging times in our lives.  Heck, they can even help us with the mundane moments we experience.  Second, you can contact me for your own personal Rune reading or if you have questions about the Runes.  I am always happy to help.

To inaugurate this blog properly, I did a 3-Rune draw.  Until now, I have been doing single Rune drawings to give a sense of how Runes work and what they mean.  The three Rune draw provides an overview of the situation for which you are drawing the Runes, the challenge within the situation and the action to be taken around the situation.  My overview Rune was Inguz, my challenge was Thurisaz and my action was Hagalaz.

Inguz is the Rune of Fertility.  This Rune is timely, because this blog is my new beginning and Inguz requires the completion of new beginnings.  By launching my blog today, I am doing just that.  Besides, by doing this, I am clearing away the old, which serves as a stress reliever.

My challenge with this Rune drawing and my blog is Thurisaz, the Rune of Non-Action.  Interestingly, it is not suggesting non-action, rather contemplation before action.  It is a warning to look before I leap.  This is a challenge for me in most things, so Thurisaz is a good reminder to me to think things through.  This approach will aid with the success of this blog endeavor.

The Rune of Elemental Disruption, Hagalaz represents an awakening to change in the form of liberation.  The action that Hagalaz points to is breaking free from stagnation, a coming into my own, a time of required growth.  Though not always easy, growth must happen.

Please take some time to read the older posts.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the Runes, how this oracle can help you or to arrange your own personal Rune reading with me.

Thank you for visiting.  You can follow my blog by email or become a follower.  Either way, I hope you'll come back again soon.

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